7 Ways To Make Your First Biker Date Less Awkward

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when you invite her for your first biker date 
It's been a long time since you two met each other on a biker dating website. And finally, you two arranged your first biker date and you are excited about it. But suddenly, you start to worry about having a bad and uncomfortable first motorcycle date. After all, you are both biker singles and wish to build a long-lasting relationship with each other. Well, you can take a look at the following ways to help you have a less-awkward first riding date.

1. Put on something you're comfortable with: Since you two are both motorcycle riders, just wearing something you wear when you riding your bikes in daily life, like the leather clothing. Do not try a new trend or something you don't feel comfortable, which will make you feel more nervous. If the other one is not a motorcycle rider, then he or she must admire the lifestyle of bikers, so the standard biker clothing is perfect for your first riding date.

2. Offer a bike ride before your meal, drink or movie: You can ask your biker match that if he or she accept the motorcycle ride after your main activities firstly. If the answer is yes, then get well prepared for this. Because it is important for you to show the most proud thing to your motorcycle partner. It is better to remind your friend to wear something suitable for riding. This way will make room for conversation after you two spending sometime indoors. Remember to choose a path you usually ride to make your first couple riding feel safe.

3. Don't go anywhere too fancy or you never go before: Don't arrange your first riding at a high-standard restaurant, unless you go there frequently. Or you will get nervous and force yourself to act in your best way. Just some usual places other local bikers usually go, which will make you two feel comfortable and relaxed.

4. Never bring up past relationships: It is totally insane for you to talk about your ex-relationship, like the motorcycle riding travel you did with your ex or the first date with your ex. Your new date will mistake that you still have feelings for your ex and don't ready for a new relationship.

5. Be yourself: Motorcycle riders are always be confident in people's eyes. Don't pretend you are someone else. Maybe you haven't noticed that you are better than the one you pretend to be. So when having your first date with someone who share the same interest and bike lifestyle with you, there is no need to hide yourself.

6. Don't drink too much: You may often drink a lot when you are out with your biker friends, but you'd better not drink on your first date. You may think it is a way to show you are a real man, but some biker girls may want a boyfriend who doesn't drink. So don't make it a mess.

7. Be careful about your manners: It is for your own good to treat others the way you want to be treated by others. You will leave a good impression on others. Even if your date doesn't want to build a loving relationship with you, he or she will still want to be a biking friend with you. Then you may get more chances to meet new motorcycle friends of your date.