Overcome Your Fear and Ride Out

About 6 years ago, I made an important decision that I needed a bike to ride, just like I decide everything in my life. I love the sound of motorcycles, which makes me feel liberated and free. That's when I started riding my first bike, a little Honda Rebel 250. I haven't ridden any motorcycle before, and my parents of course didn't allow it at the beginning. They all thought riding motorcycles is dangerous for a girl. But I have made my mind and no one could stop me. Then, I started the journey to pick one suitable and beautiful bike for myself. Finally, I chose the Harley Davidson Fatboy 250, just like most bikers did for their first bikes.

At the very start, I often rode alone on the road. There is no way for a new biker girl to find other riders to ride with. I though I could handle the feeling of loneliness. But is was very sad and difficult for me at those years. Then I started to join some online motorcycle clubs and rode with groups found online. Now I have many bike partners who are willing to ride with me at any time. We all ride different bikes, have different jobs and lead a different life. But the love for getting on a bike and riding out leads us to meet and build a solid friendships with each others. We don't judge other bikers or be suspicious of any riders. We are simply a group of female Harley riders that share a common interest and willing to ride with each others. It's like meeting right biker friends at a good time. I have met girls that I'd like to be their friend and ride with them for the rest of my life. It’s just great.

Riding motorcycles is not simply a hobby or a means of transportation. It is a lifestyle. Once you chose to ride, you will probably consider it as a lifetime activity. I always encourage girls that are really interested in motorcycling to start their life of riding. I am willing to help them break down those barriers that stop them starting biking. I know there are lots of excuses. For me, I would think that I has never ridden a bike, I didn’t know if it would be too heavy for me, I was afraid that it would hurt me. But, you need to believe that once you get on the bike and ride for the first time, you would forget all those meaningless things and focus on riding.