Tips for Women Who Want To Ride Their Own Motorcycle

This page is about how I became a female motorcycle rider. With this, I'd like to help other women who wish to ride a motorcycle. I was expecting that I could have seen such an article when I was learning to ride a motorcycle.

The moment I decided to ride a motorcycle, I started looking for courses to take. It is difficult to master a motorcycle for a beginner. And it is unwise to buy a motorcycle before you know how to handle it. In some countries, the local dealerships usually have brochures of places holding riding courses for bikers. From the first class I took, I got lots of great advice and a basic understanding of motorcycle riding, which helped a lot. And then, I signed up for another course. This time,I got my license before the class. And I have to say, half of my classmates were biker women over 40.

The Gear
I started preparing my gear before I bought my motorcycle. The first item I bought was a motorcycle helmet. A quality full-face motorcycle helmet is always worth buying for a Harley Davidson woman. And it is also an important piece of gear for passengers on the motorcycles. As for motorcycle jackets, I just borrowed one from a friend. I highly suggest you use an old jacket to get started that will make you feel comfortable and help you figure out what you really want in a jacket. I always wear jeans and high-top boots while I am riding, which is a way to protect the body from the falls.

Buying a Motorcycle
My first motorcycle is a 1982 Honda Nighthawk 650. Thanks for my husband who are an experienced biker riding motorcycles for years. He helped me to choose the most suitable bike for me by test rides. After the tests, we decided to buy a motorcycle that was powerful and reliable enough to take on a long trip, low enough for a woman to ride, and comfortable enough to ride. Here is my advice for your first motorcycle, don't buy a brand new. A used one would allow you to master quickly.

After You Have a Motorcycle to Ride
Since I have seen so many people losing their interests in riding motorcycles and leaving it in the garage, I decided to set a list of goals for my first riding year. I highly suggest you do the same as I did. You will push yourself to ride to reach these goals. I started to practice on the street and a parking lot. I learned to break, corning, stopping, accelerating.

After I could totally master the motorcycle, I started to ride with a group of biker women I met on the online biker dating APP. I found there were riding events and riding plans on the biker dating websites. It would help you get more riding partners and learn more riding skills.

So, this is the story about how I became a successful female motorcycle rider. Hope every woman that sees this article can get some help to start their riding lives. And if you are interested in finding motorcycle riding group, you can search for it on a biker dating website.