How Do Bikers Deal with Jealousy

As good as being in a relationship with a male Harley rider or female Harley rider probably is, jealousy is almost always the most common reason why a relationship between a biker man and a biker women goes south. Thus, a great number of motorcycle women as well as motorcycle man are probably wondering: how exactly should I deal with jealousy issues in a relationship with my dear Harley women or Harley man? Here are the expert tips of how to deal with jealousy written by the expert who has been specializing in free biker dating sites for more than a decade.

First of all, learn what jealousy can do to your Harley dating with your biker girls or biker guy. It can easily ruin your peace and lead to countless plate throwing fight that can end relationships. However, the good thing is that it can be a single to you and your motorcycle girls and motorcycle guy that it is a time for a change in order to maintain the relationship. Instead of giving in to jealousy and infecting your connection with your biker babe in a negative way, use it as a rare opportunity to better understand yourself and your biker partner.

If you are the one who has being jealous of your motorcycle ladies or motorcycle gentlemen, control your jealousy. Firstly, you need to understand what jealousy is. It is complicated emotion that includes a series of many other emotions such as anger, fear, envy, sorrow, insecurity as well as inadequacy. If you realized that you are feeling jealous, keep in mind that there are many other emotions that come along, however, jealousy is the very first that you feel. If it is necessary, you can write down how you feel and even make a chart that represents a varies of different kind of emotions that you feel because of your motorcycle babes.
Then it is time for you to tackle your jealousy. Learn to question your emotions every time you feel it is coming. It is of great help to ask yourself questions such as “Am I feeling jealous because I am angry?” or “Is there any other way for me to calm down?” the questions make you start to take positive steps to tackle your negative emotions in a way that is most effective and useful.

Last but certainly not least, talk to your biker gentlemen or biker women in order to figure out the cause of your jealousy and get a better understanding of your relationship status. It is always the best way to sit down and talk to your motorcycle chicks or motorcycle dudes patiently. In order avoid a plate throwing fight and unnecessary conflicts with your motorcycle partner, it is strongly recommended to choose somewhere public, such as a restaurant or cafe, to talk things out.
Dealing with jealousy is not easy, however, it is not hard either. Thus with some patience and skill, you can still maintain a healthy relationship with your biker chicks and biker dudes.