Lies that Harley Motorcycle Riders Often Tell

As a various kind of Harley dating sites have come to the fore, an increasing number of biker man and biker women get the chance to profit from the convenience offered by high tech and find it more easier for them to find the motorcycle riders who love both motorcycle riding and Jesus. And for those Harley man and Harley women who have successfully found the right biker boyfriend or biker girlfriend, their motorcycle relationship is still sometimes marked by difficulties. Whether it’s constant fight out of no concrete reason, or infidelity caused by a player biker dude or biker chicks, or suffering from the lies your motorcycle man or motorcycle women tell on a regular basis.

Compared to disagreement and cheating, telling lies probably seems to be less significant. But how many of Harley man and Harley women have realized that it is exactly from telling lies about little stuff that things got escalated and will even lead to a heartbreaking break up. In this article, the biker dating website will cite 5 lies that motorcycle guy and motorcycle girls always tell to the special bikers who like biker lifestyle and believe in Jesus to help you better understand why and how single Harley riders tell untruthful things to maintain the delusional ideal partner image.

During the two years when the working schedule of your biker babes have mostly been predictable and suddenly, 2 months ago, his/her boss constantly requires your male Harley rider or female Harley rider to work more than he/she is supposed to. Thus, due to the “unpredictable change of working schedule”, you barely get the chance to spend time with your Harley guy or Harley girl on Friday night, enjoy a impromptu ride on the Harley Davidson bike or even just hold your motorcycle dude or motorcycle chicks when you feel lonely. There is a chance that your Harley motorcycle rider has become a hard work, but don’t be too naive, since the possibility is more than slim.

Aside from the stressing working schedule your motorcycle babes have been talking about, pay attention to his/her so-called best friend too. I’m not trying to be an annoying bitch who’s trying to stop my another half to have any friend of opposite sex, but your man biker or women biker should also know the limit. In this case, trust your instinct and try to tell the “friendship vibe” that they are sending out is as innocent as it claims to be?

there is another kind of line I’d like to address. If your male motorcycle rider or female motorcycle rider keeps telling you that an attractive biker single who has been calling them and give an lousy excuse such as “I just met him/her in a house party of Michel’s birthday, there is nothing more than that.” trust me, there is definitely something more than a innocent friendly call.