How to ask a Harley motorcycle girl out on a date?

Our website is well known for being the number one Harley biker online dating service with the highest matching rate for finding a compatible single Harley girl or single Harley guy. After when you are handed with a whole list of potential motorcycle lovers and it’s a time to take initiative, things will get much more complicated than a sophisticated biker dating system. For Harley motorcycle riders, when approaching a like minded single Harley rider who lives the same Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle, they are exposing themselves in the possibilities of rejections, let along it is such a nerve wracking challenge to accomplish. However, as we all know the famous saying: Nothing ventures, nothing gained. After studied thousands of pages of motorcycle dating advice composed by a veteran Harley riders, we are now providing motorcycle singles with a few efficient strategies in order to maximize the chance of your ideal Harley male or Harley female saying yes to the date you proposed.

Here is the mistake that we often make whenever we get our eyes caught by an attractive single Harley rider-we go talk with him/her even without a second thought. It does not only exposes your interests in your Harley motorcycle enthusiast blatantly, but also doubles the chance of slipping some off putting words out from your month. Instead, read through his/her profile page on the motorcycle dating site first with purpose to gauge the interest of her level. Knowing what your biker lady or biker gentleman is passionate about aside from riding on a Harley Davidson bike if of great necessity which will do you a much greater favor in successfully asking him/her out.

Now you have gotten through the initial stage of spark an opening line and it’s time to lead the conversation you are having in a more flirtatious way. To improve your flirting skill? Us, the professional Harley dating site gets you covered. First biker dating tip to note is that don’t start the conversation with a simple and plain “Hey” or “What's up”, instead, come up with something creative and interesting! For example, a comment on her profile picture will do the job greatly- “whattttt, no way! I can’t believe you went to Paris too! I was right there in front of l’Arc de Triomphe!” Being an expert in flirtation will get you a long way when in searching of a compatible biker single.

Last but not least, be cool about being rejected by your ideal Harley men or Harley women. Once you have decided to ask your motorcycle friend out, you are already taking the risk of being rejected automatically. The key is try not to take the NO too personally since there are way too many reasons to count. When you have to go through the seemingly self esteem crushing event, be polite and low key, a nice “it’s fine, hope you have a good day” will leave you a much better impression.