Tips about how to date Motorcycle Men

More and more single men love to ride a motorcycle and enjoy the freedom of feel on two wheels. You are always meeting many biker guys in your real life and biker couples riding around you are visible all over. If you are lucky to date with a motorcycle man, knowing about how to enjoy his lifestyle without losing your own character makes sense. In order to make sure his motorcycle gives you nothing but pleasure, there are some important things you should know when you are dating a biker man. We have talked to many veteran biker men and women online, for their advice about how to get along nicely with single men who love to ride motorcycle. If you ever thought that your your Mr. Right's riding habit was a bad hobby then think it again.

Never forget step by step.

If you were not a biker woman before, please do not forget to have some buffers. Riding as a passenger first has never been more important to your riding life than when your man is a motorcycle enthusiast. A lot of times women spend more time to accommodate a swiftly moving on motorcycle and ready for enjoying the riding passion than men, just like them on the bed. As a beginner female passenger rider, you should let your boy know that slowly at first, then picking up speed and keeping on moving will relax your nerve and make you feel more relaxed and pleasant when you hold him tight on his backseat.

Perfect position for female passenger riders.

1. Sit on the backseat of his motorcycle, and central softly cling to his waist.
This is the most common and safe sitting position. When you hook up a biker guy for your first riding date, you can try to ride on his backseat and judge if he care about you when he start riding, or slow down when turning. I biker man will not forget to remind you how to ride safe if he care about you very much.

2. Sit on the back seat and two legs ring his waist.
This riding position is fit for those expert women passenger who can control her body very well on a moving bike. You had better not choose this riding position when you are invited for your first riding date. Your boy friend will feel a little unhappy if you are so frivolous.

3. Face-to-face sit on the oil box and two legs ring his waist.
This riding position is fit for couples madly in love the sweethearts. You can ride this way when you both have fall in love. But this riding position is not popular with the masses since you two are too intimate to care about the feels of other single biker women or men who riding with you for an event or rally.

4. Face-to-face sit on his leg and put your arms round his neck, just like your love position.
If you are looking for hooking up a hot biker guy to have casual friendship, you can try this position to seduce him. Most men will  have a physical reaction when you ride with him this way. No man can hold it.

5. Kissing riders - BikerKiss
This riding position is fit for biker couples who have been riding for a long travel and have a rest at any place where there is no other bikers. It is time for you to ride together face-to-face, look into each other's eyes as much as possible, and enjoy your passionate kiss --- biker kiss.

6. Have your own motorcycle and ride with your biker boy together.

Biker men are always seen taking some girl on the back of his bike on the road, but in fact, every veteran biker man would not like to take any burden when he enjoy the freedom of riding in the sun. So if you are a single women loving motorcycle riding lifestyle, you had better learn how to control your own motorcycle. When you both ride out together for a long travel, your biker guy can talk with you freely and lightly. The style of riding your own bike helps both of you relax. The biker travel is all about the experience and to truly benefit from it since you two can throw yourself wholeheartedly into the riding.

The last step and advice for dating a single motorcycle man.

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